Thursday, August 7, 2014

How much longer?

When Lisa asked him if he'd switch bodies with her so she could see what it was like, surfing as a guy, Jack thought she was crazy. Now he's wondering where she went and starting to get worried about getting stuck in her weak girly body over night. If he'd known she could actually make them swap bodies, he'd never have said yes.  He only agreed because he thought it would help him get into her pants.  I guess maybe he got what he wanted, in a way, but he sure isn't happy about it!

The Searcher

He had to find her. He had to find the girl who stole his body and make her give it back!  John would keep looking for her until he found her; he'd never give up!  He sure as he'll wouldn't let himself accept being a damn girl for the rest of his life!

Resistance (at this point) is futile.

Kevin hugged the wall, trying to avoid his captor's notice, hoping vainly they would let their guard down and that he could escape before the feminization process went any farther.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Morning After Surprise

What the fuck was in those drinks last night?!? Brad was fuzzy about what happened after he and Christy started doing shots...all he could remember was her betting him he couldn't handle her life.  Now he's waking up with an awful hangover, and the weirdest feeling that something is definitely not right with his body.

This sucks!

Being a chick sucks!  Wearing this skimpy bikini is so uncomfortable, I can't surf as well as I did when I was a man, and worse, all the dudes on the beach just sit and stare at me the whole time.  I wish I'd never heard of Bikini's ruined my life!

Role Reversal

When he was a man, James was the aggressor in his relationship with his wife, but now that she has used the medallion of Zulo to transform him into a girl he can't dominate her with his physical strength anymore.  Confused and betrayed by his soft, girlish body he can only lay back and let her take control.

"Small" consolation

Jack was very sad.  After months of being forced to take female hormones by his ex-wife, "little jack" was so tiny, he was practically gone.  On the other hand, his breasts were growing at a record pace!